Life Changes and Higher Callings

Last night my boyfriend and I went to see Wayne Dyer speak in downtown San Diego. I had been waiting months to see Dyer and it was a little surreal to see him in person after watching all the PBS specials with him. Seeing him refilled the inspirational jug because it was almost empty.

I have been going through some life changes -- moving to a new country, getting a new puppy, and relearning a new language. It was exciting, but to be quite honest, it was a little “stressful” as well. (I really try not to use the word “stress” because I don’t want it to seep into my unconscious and affect my state of mind.) Last night Dr. Dyer was the catalyst to remind me that with God by my side, there is really nothing to fear or doubt. His talk was truly inspirational and I could feel his energy - his calm and happy energy - filling the Copley Symphony Hall. I left with a sense of peace and knowing that all the changes that are happening in my life are certainly for the good.

The reason I was feeling out of balance up until last night was because I had been pulled over by the police twice in Mexico. The first time I had not made a “signal” when I made a turn. The cop threatened to take me to jail, so in my fear I ended up paying him off. There are so many stories that I’ve heard about the police in Mexico that I’ve had this little bit of paranoia which I realize is hindering me from experiencing all that is good.

Anyways, one of the things I did learn last night is that one of my Higher Callings is to help spread the messages that Dr. Dyer shares with me - along with the other teachers I’ve had in my life. If you’ve never read any of his books, I highly suggest that you read at least one. The first book I read by him was Power of Intention. I hope that he inspires you to follow your true path as he has done for me.

Have you ever read any of Dr. Dyer’s books or seen him speak? Any thoughts to share?

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