Reflecting On the Past Year

As we start heading into the fall season I feel a sense of peace. The first part of the year was a big whirlwind as I started a new chapter in life and just started “settling” into my new outlook on life. I wake up full of energy anticipating the good things that are due to come that day. My thoughts are positive and I’m filled with a “knowing” that life is going to be good.

How about you? Have you reflected on the past year to see how far along you’ve come?

Today many people are out celebrating the holiday - or “No Work” day in the U.S. As people are enjoying the day at the beach or park, I’m taking the day to meditate on life. Every day is a holiday to me!!

Because I haven’t done it in awhile, I’ll leave you today with “This Week in Good Life History”:

Here are some other things to reflect on: Getting into any insurance deal is a commitment. Pet insurance is not something to be really worried about. However, in terms of life insurance or even home insurance, one should know all the details.

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