Thoughts on Accomplishing Goals

This morning I got an early start so I decided to walk up the street to my office, Starbucks, to write. The street I was walking on is a semi-steep hill. It doesn’t seem like much of a hill when you’re in a car, but when you’re carrying a laptop and a heavy purse, it can seem like a journey! A quarter of the way up the street I looked up and the end of the block looked sooooo far away.... I mean this hill is nothing compared to the San Francisco-type hills I’ve run up and down on when I lived downtown, but somehow it seemed like such a daunting walk. These are the thoughts that are going through my mind and I hadn’t even really started walking yet!

In life we can look at a task or project and become overwhelmed with it that we don’t even start it at all! We have to do this and that - oh, and this and that - oh, and this and that.

However, look at the “top of the hill” and imagine how you will feel when you finally accomplish what you set out to do! Just take one step at a time and by the time you know it, you will have accomplished your goal! All you have to do is just take that first step and that will start the ball rolling. Keep taking the steps and eventually the momentum will take you to your goal...

When I finally reached my destination this morning - Starbucks! - I was energized and feeling good about making it up that hill! I didn’t need that coffee after all ;)


ChristineKane said...

When I first started hiking, every hill did this to me. I just dreaded it. I saw it as "A HILL!" And then after I hiked for a while, I didn't even see the hill. This wild transformation happened, and one day I just realized, I didn't get scared of hills. Maybe it's the same for things that seem big and scary! (Though I still get a little daunted by those!)

Maria Palma said...


It's amazing what we can do if we just set our mind to it. I used to go jogging in a neighborhood with very steep hills. At first I thought I couldn't do it, but I did! I ran those hills!

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