Peace. It’s something we all want to attain...but for many it can be quite a challenge. There’s a great deal of pressure nowadays - pressure to do this, act a certain way, make a certain amount of money, live in a certain neighborhood - the list goes on and on. For some the pressure is enough to “lose it”, however, if you go deep within you’ll find peace hidden inside you. It’s been there all along, but we let all the distractions get in the way. We let other people think for us and sometimes their thinking may not be in harmony with our true essence.

Practice peace. How do you do that?

The first thing you can do is to simply ask for it. Ask The Universe to give you peace. I do it all the time when I feel uneasy or have been hit with a bit of negative energy. I take some time out, go in my meditation room, and just clear my head. The more you do this the easier it gets to find peace.

Peace is something that we are born with. Look at a baby and see how peaceful they are (except when they’re hungry!) Just content on being. Watch toddlers at play and observe how happy they are being in the moment. It’s a wonderful thing.

Another way I find peace is to think about the millions of other people out there who have it much tougher than me. As I sit here at the train station writing up this post, I’m observing a couple trying to sell their train tickets and asking people for cash. The girl looks like she’s about seven months pregnant. My problems are very small compared to theirs.

Knowing that your life is going to get much better - much, much better - should be enough to put you at peace. Have faith that it will happen for you!

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Kammie K. said...


Lovely piece on peace!

I agree about "being" where you are. The more I get "present" the easier it is to maintain that peaceful state of mind. Let's face it, the only moment we have is right NOW anyway!!

Have a blessed day Maria!!

Kammie K.:)

Steven Aitchison said...

This is a good blog I have been reading it over the last few days. It's nice to see other people from around the world having the same thoughts and manifesting a better world.

Maria Palma said...


Being in the present really puts me in a state of thoughts about the past and those "what if's" and no worries about the future - just being content and grateful for what's going on right now! Thanks for stopping by!


I appreciate your kinds words. Your blog is great as well!

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