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I recently discovered this website, Effective Learning Systems, which offers a wealth of tools to help you improve your mind and your life. They offer this free relaxation script MP3 download which I've been listening to for the past few days and I've noticed an increase in my energy and I just feel more positive!

This is a guided meditation that brings you into an alpha mental state...thus the name, "Alpha Break". I learned about alpha from reading a book called The Power of Alpha Thinking by Jess Stearn. According to this website:
"...Much research has been done on the benefits of the alpha state. Healing occurs naturally and the conscious mind is relaxed. The body is relaxed and feels different. Processing begins: The Higher Self and the Witness begin to function. The psychic abilities are awakened. Sensitivity to the energy flow (as perceived through the feelings) increases. Visualizations and affirmations are more effective."
More relaxing resources:

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