When It Comes To Goals, There Are Three People in Life

I’ve been taking some time out to spend with my best friend’s daughters, so last Friday we made a “play date” and I took them to get ice cream and goof around at the park. My friend has three daughters, ages 9, 4, and 2 - so off to “The Treatery” we go... The 9-year-old was in the front on her skate board in a hurry to get ice cream. The four-year-old and I were in the middle strolling along at a moderate pace half-enjoying the walk and half-looking forward to ice cream. The 2-year-old was walking with her uncle behind us and boy, was she having a grand ole time taking in the scenery and anything else that crossed her fancy. We had to constantly stop and wait for the 2-year-old to catch up with us.

Finally we arrived at our destination - ice cream! I did learn something from that journey. When it comes to goals, there are three types of people in life:
1) the person who rushes through life with only the goal in mind
2) the person who goes through life at a moderate speed, but doesn’t get to fully enjoy the experience
3) the person who reaches their goal and totally immerses themselves in the journey while having the time of their lives
I’m shooting for #3... What type of person are you? Or do you believe in goal-free living?

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