A Great Resource: Motto Magazine

I spent some time in Borders bookstore today browsing through some business magazines for ideas and resources for articles. Well, one of those magazines is called Motto (formerly Worthwhile) which is a magazine for those entrepreneurs who want to find meaning and purpose in their business....”Work with purpose, passion, and profit” is their motto.

I loooooove this magazine! This magazine is right on point in terms of what I want to do and achieve with my businesses. And guess who was a contributor to this edition of the magazine? A fellow do-good blogger, Curt Rosengren of The Occupational Adventure! It was neat to see a familiar face in a print magazine ;) I was thinking, I know him! (Well, I don’t know, know him - you know what I mean!)

You can subscribe to the magazine by visiting Amazon.com or check out their website:

So, what’s your motto?

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