I Went to Earth on Black Friday, But I'm Back

I had a momentary lapse of sanity last night. My boyfriend, his girlfriend and I decided to hit the Gilroy outlets here in Northern Cal to do a little shopping. Apparently the entire population of San Jose had the same idea.

It’s been years since I’ve actually been a shopper on Black Friday. Usually it’s me working and sweating to make customers happy, but I had this wild idea to go shopping for some reason. What came over me, I don’t know....but I stood in line at the Puma outlet for 2 hours and the whole time I’m standing in line I’m thinking, “Is it worth it?” Here I am caught up in the Black Friday madness when it’s me who makes fun of people who do things like this.

The experience did give me perspective and reminded me that material things are only temporary. So, I got out of line. Better things are on the way!

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