A Manifesting Tip From ManifestLife.com

I've subscribed to manifesting tips from ManifestLife.com and received my first tip today. Here's a snippet that I want to share:

"...everything that we desire is already in existence right now. It simply is in an energetic form that may not be materialized. So if what I want is to create, let’s say, a great relationship, that great relationship already exists on a different playing field, on a different level of consciousness, if you were. And let’s use the analogy of an elevator. Let’s say I am on floor three. The relationship that I desire is on floor four. It’s already there. I simply have to get in the elevator, push the button of desire, thought, emotion, belief and expectation, and I will raise my level of consciousness to where I’m now on level four. I open the door."

If you want wealth and happiness, then you have to actually create the emotion of being wealthy and happy. When you become what you want in your life, you are in harmony with your desire and it will manifest itself into your physical reality.

I've known this all along, but it wasn't until today that I came to fully realize it. I can feel my whole body in a state of ecstasy, if you will. Wow! What a great feeling :)

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