My Experience With "Lightworker Syndrome"

The other night I was reading Steve Pavlina’s blog where he has a post about the Lightworker Syndrome. Once upon a time I experienced this syndrome when I thought that I couldn’t possibly make money doing freelance writing and making jewelry. For a month I worked at Macy’s so I could “pay the bills“, but absolutely hated waking up so early in the morning and simply didn’t like working for anybody else. I wanted to follow my passions. I wanted to live each moment doing something I absolutely loved. So, I did it. I took the plunge and quit the Macy’s job to focus on my writing and jewelry. Well, I haven’t looked back ever since. Now I’m making money doing everything I enjoy, spending more time with family, and truly, truly loving life.

Believe me, it was harder to do than I make it sound. It took a great deal of courage and faith in The Universe. I just had to remember that no matter what I would always be taken care of! But most of all, I believed in myself. I just knew everything would fall into place.

Have you ever experienced Lightworker Syndrome?

Steve offers his advice to overcome it:

“If you consider yourself a lightworker, understand that your real work is to accept and embrace your inner light. You are meant to shine, not to be snuffed out. If you feel that life in this physical universe is dragging you down, it’s because you aren’t yet in vibrational harmony with your light. The more you fear it, the more you’ll attract distracting problems that have little or nothing to do with your purpose. But whenever you’re ready, you can say to the universe, “OK. I’m ready. I’m going to pursue my purpose with all my heart and soul, and you’d better back me up.” Once you make a committed decision, you’ll attract all the help and resources you need. You’ll be shocked at just how easy it is.”

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Fabio Centenaro said...

Hi Maria!
If I've ever experienced that? Every single day of life. I still haven't found the balance to my life, to balance both spiritual and material worlds. Spiritual life is so strong in me I sometimes don't know how to live in this planet. I often feel misplaced. Hope I can find the courage to go for the things I want and have much faith that when I do it, God will supoport me in every step of the way.

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