People Helping People

Business & Personal Loans. Great Rates. Prosper.I recently have come to know about a great website called that helps people get loans. In essence, it's a place for people to obtain a loan through unconventional means - at the same time people can help other people by lending money to them.

A new innovative group on called "Two Millionaires cover High Risk Loans, Restore Credit" is helping ordinary people prosper by providing a way for them to get and pay out a series of small loans at interest rates below 30%. That should move their credit grades from HR high risk to B or better.

In less than a month this unique group attracted almost 200 members, placed 10 loans, and had 50 active listings.

Two Millionaires is helping high risk borrowers who can't attract lenders even in the socially exciting people-to-people marketplace. The goal of the Two Millionaires founders is to help sincere high risk members get to the point where they qualify as lenders and group leaders themselves.

Two Millionaires attracts lenders by offering a large selection of quality listings at high interest rates, and an opportunity to help others.

For more information, click here!

On the top right-hand column of this blog you'll see a little button inviting you to bid on my loan listing! Update: My loan was funded! Thanks for your support ;)

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