Update: Double Your Way to a Million

It’s very early Sunday morning and I’m catching up on my blog readings. I happened upon Double To A Million Plan, which I know I’ve read before, but served as a reminder to me to get an update on my own plan for doubling to a million.

So, I took out the little coin purse that is now bulging at the sides and emptied out all the coins. Four quarters, quite a few dimes, a nickel or two, and tons of pennies. I haven’t given much thought to my own “doubling”. You know, life gets in the way. However, the other day I did start thinking about it again and whaddaya know, I start to find pennies everywhere ;)

I’m currently in the middle of Step 10 with $3.19. It’s taken just over five months to get this far. Basically every coin I have has been found in random places. However, I’m now brainstorming some ideas on how to get to the $5 mark....Taking in my recycleables isn't such a bad idea!

Update 11/6:
I forgot to include previous links on the Double Your Way to a Million Plan...


Anonymous said...

Hi Maria, great to see another female doing this (doubling) !!!

Hope you don't mind me putting a link to your blog :)

Good luck,

therichmind said...

More and more are doing it.

Xinfinitum said...

Hi Maria,

Thanks for mentioning me (Double to a Million Plan) in your Blog.

I have added you to my "Comrades in Doubling" Links at:


Take Care,

Scott said...

Hi Maria!

Just wanted to wish you luck in your doubling effort!

I have added you to my list of doublers, hope you don't mind.


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