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The Christmas holiday is over and I know some of you are dreading the fact that you have to pay off those credit cards. I really wish there was no such thing as “credit” - at least credit with high interest rates and crazy fees.

However, I must face “reality” and just accept that credit is something that is going to be around for awhile... Since many people come to this blog looking for a way to get on a “debt diet”, here are a couple tips to help you to get your credit under control (from my own experience) and maintain your good credit rating. That’s part of being prosperous!
  • If you have high interest rates on your current credit cards, you may consider looking for cards that offer 0% balance transfers. This means you can transfer the balance on your current credit card onto the new card and pay 0% interest on that balance.
  • Make sure you shop around and compare credit cards. There are tons of different cards out there these days and many banks vying for your business. I would try to stay away from department store and retail credit cards because they tend to have high interest rates.
  • The less credit cards you have in your wallet, the better!
Do you have any tips to share?

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tammy vitale said...

When transferring to a 0% credit card read the fine print and be sure that you aren't paying a transfer fee and/or that you don't have to make a minimum number of purchases in order to keep the 0%. And read how much interest you're going to pay if you are late or miss a payment.

Anonymous said...

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“If they don’t watch their money, someone else will.” Anonymous
“Never borrow more than they need.
“Rate shoppers want options, convenience or most of all savings. The option of finding local lenders offering low rates or bargain incentives whose brick or mortar office is just around the corner is essential in the bargain loan shopping process.” said Mark Askew, Mortgage Loan Search Network founder.

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ALEISH said...

Research, you can use the internet to shop around for other unsecured bad credit credit cards options, and find companies and programs that will fit your needs. Shopping around through the internet can save energy and time!

Also, don't forget to read the Terms and Conditions carefully.

jack said...
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