Dream On!

Yesterday I babysat my three Goddaughters and as I was putting one of them to sleep, (she’s four years old) I gave her a kiss and told her to dream about good things. I suggested maybe she could dream about butterflies or flowers... She then told me, “I had a dream where I was playing hide-and-go-seek with God and He was hiding behind a tree...” Interesting!

Lately I’ve been wanting to remember and analyze my dreams, so today I went to buy a notebook to keep by my bed at night. I want to be able to write down my experiences in my dream state as soon as I wake up. I believe that our dreams our an indication of what’s going on in our subconscious and can tell you what may happen in the future. I have written down some of my dreams in the past. I just need to dig up those journals to re-read them...

Anyways, Bill Perry of the Lucid Blog has some great information on lucid dreaming. Have you ever been aware while dreaming that you are in a dream? It’s a rare occasion for me. There have been just a handful of times when I’ve said to myself, “Hey, I’m dreaming!”

Do you remember your dreams? Have any experiences with lucid dreaming?

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Scott said...


I have had some instances of "deja vue", mostly when I was younger, none lately.

When I thought of the instances later in life, I wondered if it was my subconsious predicting the future or more that my subconsious was putting me in the same situation as I had dreamed!

Your opinion? Thanks,


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