To Live a Good Life is to Travel...

During college the one thing I wish I could have done more often was travel. I have friends who have gone to Europe during the summer or did one of those foreign exchange deals. During college I worked full time as a manager for Contempo Casuals - later bought by Wet Seal, Inc. - so there weren’t very many breaks for me!

Anyways, when I have kids I’m definitely going to encourage them to travel if/when they go off to college. I believe that being exposed to different cultures and different ways of thinking is important. Your mind expands and you learn to be more compassionate towards others.

The reason that I bring up this subject is because I’ve been asked to review a website called Intern Town. It’s a new website that helps people find intern jobs in Spain and the UK (for right now). It’s also a place for employers to find interns as well. Imagine being able to travel to another country and learn their business culture? One of Intern Town’s missions is (taken from the website):

“...To foster international business and cultural understanding by exposing interns, employees and employers to new cultures, working practices and languages, and help a large number of the world's most talented youngsters find their first steps in what we hope will be highly successful careers for all.”

The website is easy to navigate and I do like that they provide many ways to contact them. Those of you who know me know I how much I value customer service. When a company is easily accessible, that’s a big plus for me ;) However, there aren't too many jobs posted right now, so hopefully when companies learn more about this service, they'll want to post their available internships.

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