For the Love of Music

Just wanted to give you a heads up that I have a new blog post over at No Song Unsung! I’m very excited about this blog and the business that my boyfriend and I are going to build around it. The website is still a work in progress (as is all my life!) and I don’t want to reveal all the details on it yet. However, it is pretty similar to this new website I just found out about called is a place for artists and Unsigned Bands to gather and share their music. They also have a few upcoming features including a music player, playlist editor, and a CD Creator.

By the way...Shout out to Kammie of Passion Meets Purpose for spreading the news about No Song Unsung!

What song are you singing today? Did you know that music can rewire your brain for diversity?

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ellenweber said...

Thanks for the link, Maria - and also for the interesting post. It reminds me to pop that music on to ratchet up my day! Have a good one!

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