How To Be More Relaxed in 2007

“You seem more relaxed,” my best friend said to me.

I do feel more relaxed. For once in my life (I was a “Type A” in a past life) I just feel so relaxed. So free. So happy.

I owe it to meditation and my daily walks. Through, I’ve set a daily reminder to meditate everyday. Up until now I only meditated when I remembered or wasn’t too tired to. But now I’ve been meditating every morning and night and I find myself having even more energy to tackle my growing “To Do” list.

As I strolled through my neighborhood today, I breathed in the warm sunshine and noticed these branches with little red berries. The Power of Now at work!

So, what are you doing to relax more? Maybe it’s curling up with a good book or exercising at the gym...What I’ve learned is that when you relax more, you tend to get more done! When you feel overwhelmed, your brain shuts down and it sucks all that much-needed energy.

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tammy vitale said...

clicked over to read about "The Power of Now" - isn't is funny how a book will call you? I love books. And if I buy one and I can't read it, I let it hang out for a while. Sometimes I'm just the conduit to another person, sometimes I have to wait until I'm ready to hear what it has to say.

Maria Palma said...

Hi Tammy,

I'm quite the bookworm myself. I believe that books make their way into our hands for a reason. You're right, sometimes I do have to wait until I'm ready to read what it has to say - and the message comes at the perfect time!

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