No Limits...No Boundaries...No Rules

Today I spent some time with my two-year-old Goddaughter and we made greeting cards together. (By the way, I have some new Valentine's Day cards uploaded!) I don’t know about you, but I love to watch children when they’re creating art. They get so lost in the moment and they just create with no rules. The closest I get to feeling that way is when I’m working on an abstract painting. It’s a wonderful feeling ;)

That’s how we should feel when we’re creating our own destinies. There should be no rules. Who says that you can only make $50,000 a year? Who says that you have to work hard in order to make alot of money? Who says you have to be rich to live a happy life?

Somehow we get bombarded and are affected by what society says our life should be. They want us to be stuck in their own reality and try to tell us to think “realistically”, but what is “reality” anyways? Everyone has their view of reality. Don’t limit yourself because of someone else’s view of life.

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