People and Technology: Are We Too Connected?

Everywhere I turn I see people on their cell phones....talking while driving their car, talking in the line at the bank, talking while they pay for their groceries...

In terms of technology, I often wonder if we’re just too connected. Some people can’t live without checking their Blackberry for email messages. There was a time when you didn’t see me without my laptop. The other night when I went out with my boyfriend, he asked me, “Where’s your laptop?” When I told him I left it at the house, he said, “That’s like Linus leaving home without his blanket!”

Are we so obsessed with being connected that we become disconnected from what’s going on right now?

Just some food for thought...By the way, doesn't Linus look so much happier without his blanket?


tammy vitale said...

I will say that I was dragged into the cellular world kicking and screaming by my daughter, who added me to her account and bought me a phone. I still don't know my number but I do have it listed in my contacts. And it still isn't a good way to get me because I never hear it (freudian I'm sure)...but I like having it with me when I'm traveling alone in my old card with 419,000 miles on it which I do a lot.

Debbie Call said...

Having to drag around my cell phone for business makes me feel tethered, much like a dog and leash. Everyone expects instant response, unlike the days when land lines ruled.

To answer your question - are we too connected? On the superficial level - yes, on a deeper level - probably not.

Sleeping in Seattle said...

I have a cell phone but it's not always on or with me. I have it for my convenience, not other peoples. Our society is becoming obsessed with the ability to instantly connect and communicate with anybody at anytime.

I work in IT and appreciate the advances of technology but we need to remember to take the time to stop and smell the roses every so often.

Anonymous said...

We are NOT too connected! technology there to help us and when used well it is great!

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