What Would You Do With a Million, a Hundred Million, or Even A Billion Dollars?

The Universe has aligned me with quite a bit of money today! It all started when I asked the Million Dollar Question over at CustomersAreAlways....

Then I came across Liz Strauss's $100 Million in Ideas...where Liz points out What Would You Do With a Billion Dollars? Incidentally, I tagged Liz to answer my Million Dollar Question even before I read her post, so I know that we're definitely on the same wavelength ;)

Actually, I have to back and say that it probably started yesterday when I came across an old notebook where I wrote down last spring:

"Goals With the $1 Million"

1. Buy an RV to travel all across the U.S.
2. Buy a condo (somewhere less expensive than San Diego!)
3. Buy a hybrid car
4. Give to charity
5. Buy an apartment complex
6. Payoff Credit (I don't use the "D" word, remember?)
7. Take a trip to Amsterdam
8. Give $100,000 to my dad to help with his mortgage
9. Buy a home in Rancho Santa Fe

What would you do with a million, a hundred million, or even a billion dollars? It's a great exercise in expanding your wealth quotient!


ME Strauss said...

HI Maria,
The synchronicity must be the answer because the tag passed right over my head, I'm so steeped in work . . . If I had a lot of money, I'd make sure that all of my family and friends were comfortable and that the only paper in my life was paper I choose to keep.

I'd work on ideas in a place with a fabulous sound system where I could walk and dance while I thought and talked. . . . I'd have a foundation to fund educational causes -- brought by kids who had ideas that the foundation went out and found. FOUNDation.

I visit my friends around the world on a regular basis and just once I'd sleep in a king-size bed on a flying airplane. :)

The Blogger said...


Great thoughts here..FOUNDation - I like that!

I never even knew that king-sized beds existed on airplanes ;) I'll have to try that also.


cineylens said...

i will build a very big public library, staked with all the great books of the world and let the folks read for free...:))

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