How To Be A Rich Person

If you just started on this journey to more wealth and prosperity in your life and have learned about the Law of Attraction, you’re probably wondering how you can go about elevating yourself to a whole new level of thinking. Many people I know have complained to me and said Well, it’s not working for me. I want more money and happiness, but I’m still in the same place. Come to find out - they’re still hanging out with the same negative people and still listening to what these negative people have to say.

In order to be rich, you need to think like the rich and learn from rich people. The Blogger Lounge has a great post on this. I like these two beliefs of rich people that Blogger Lounge mentions:
  • Rich people are always thinking about winning while most people are just thinking about not loosing, this attitude gives rich people an advantage, because if they fail in something they are going to try again and again until they succeed, remember that rich people do not surrender.
  • Rich people are constantly learning and growing. Rich people are willing to learn from other people without looking at others’ education, age , gender etc.
I would like to add that rich people take action whenever opportunity presents itself. There’s no room for doubt. They are very observant and grateful of the opportunities that come their way.

So, what are you doing today to become a richer person?

Recommended Reading:
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon HillThink and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill - the man who studied rich people for 20 years!


George C. said...

Hi Maria! Nice Tips ; ) He he he Good work!

Chuck & Shirley Bartok said...

Thanks for sharing your Blog.
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Rob said...

Mmmm what am I doing to be a richer person? Well I would describe it more like who am I being, which will attract the signposts and doorways for entering a state of being rich?

I have noticed a shift in my way of being in the last week especially as far as my quick temper is concerned. I have almost completely stopped cursing my laptop as soon as it takes longer than I want it to do things! That's a huge difference and I already feel richer for it.

I have also been blessed with the clarity to absolutely know what I am going to do with my life, despite not knowing exactly how and I am arranging a viewing of my dream home next month. Walking the path? Yeah, just show me the way universe!

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