The Million Dollar Projects

For those of you who don’t know, I’m working on the Double Your Way to a Million project in which I have accumulated $8.13 in change plus a foreign coin worth ? For a month I hadn’t found any coins, but it was just this past weekend that I started thinking about it again and attracted so many pennies! One penny even came in the mail from Bank of America (it was some type of promotion)!

One of my buddies in this project is Xinfinitum who has been very active in his plan. There is a list of other “Doublers” over at the blog Double to a Million Plan.

If you would like to have some fun and try out this project for yourself, click on the banner at the bottom of this blog. You can also support me in my own project by donating as little as a penny! Every little bit counts!

Somebody who is doing something similar to this is Grant Pierrus from South Africa. He has a blog titled Million Dollar Project and is donating 60% of each dollar he gets to the Childrens Fund in South Africa.

So, today, I leave you with a quote to ponder...

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want”. - Zig Ziglar


Arkad said...

Hi Maria,

I just wanted to give a quick plug to The Doubler's Den - a place for Doubler's to get together and discuss ideas, share experiences and give moral support to one another.

Hope you don't mind this shameless bit of promotion :)

The Richest Man in Atherstone

Xinfinitum said...

Hi Maria,

Thanks for mentioning me in your post. I appreciate it. :)

I thought I would also let you know, that I have been diligently working on a project for the "Double To A Million Plan" that I launched recently.

It is called:

There is a blog for it as well:

Please stop by and take a look.

Take Care,

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