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Welcome to those of you who are visiting here from Money, Matter, and More Musings! I submitted one of my posts to the Carnival of Money Stories, Don't Eliminate Debt, Attract Abundance! By the way, for all you bloggers out there, carnivals are a great way to meet new and interesting bloggers!

There were a few posts from the carnival that caught my interest including Adaptation: Lessons Learned From Being Unemployed by Amy Lin. Reading Amy’s story reminded me of the time when I was laid off after 9/11, I took a position as a part-time pre-school teacher. The money wasn’t great, so I basically had to do with what I had - which meant no shopping for clothes and having to eat Top Ramen every day for lunch.

If you’re a college student wondering how you can live on $600 a month, check out this post over at Getting Green. Matthew lives in rural South Dakota, but I think it can be done if you live in any major city. It just takes alot of will-power and creativity!

Debra Moorhead shares a story that will inspire in her post "The Science of Getting Rich" Evaluated, Part Two. I’ve been practicing this attitude of gratitude for some time now and have seen so much goodness come into my own life.


Golbguru said...

Thanks for linking back to the carnival. That was pretty quick ! :)

Maria Palma said...

You're welcome! I'm a fast blogger ;)

Rob said...

Hi Maria,
I don't know anything about Blog Carnivals. Where's a good place to start?

Also I read through many older posts of yours Maria. You are still definitely top of the list of the my most important blogs to read.

Keep working your magic. Since visiting The Good Life and coming across the WBR program my life is transforming before my eyes.

I am so grateful I hope I can in some way provide the same level of contribution to others myself.

Maria Palma said...

Hi Rob,

I tried to send you a message via your website, but kept getting an error message, so hope you make it back here to get this!

In regards to Blog Carnivals, here is the website where you can find a ton of carnivals to submit to:

Specifically, there is the "Working at home Blog carnival" that you may be interested in:

Hope all is well and have a GREAT week!

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