"The Secret": The Whole World's A Buzzin'

The whole world is a buzzin’ about The Secret and The Law of Attraction. When I first wrote about The Law of Attraction last February, it was a rare thing to come across someone who was familiar with the concept. The other day while in Target, I was browsing through the book, The Secret, and a woman runs up to me asking me if I had seen the movie (yes, a handful of times!) and The Oprah show that featured it. She was so excited and jazzed! I could see the sparkle in her eyes...

I’m certainly jazzed and excited that more and more people are learning the concept. This is exactly what I wanted - for people to be uplifted and more conscious about their thoughts. Before Oprah even talked about it, I was talking with my boyfriend about LOA and telling him, “Wouldn’t it be great if everyone on earth knew about this?” Now everywhere I turn someone is asking me, “Have you seen The Secret?”

There are many naysayers out there and I pretty much ignore them. Some say that there’s gotta be more to it than what the movie says. Some feel short-changed because the people in the movie left out all the details regarding all the “hard work” they had to go through to get where they’re at. The thing is...nothing is “hard work” when you absolutely love what you do! I have been writing pretty much every day since I quit my corporate job, but that’s what I wanted - to be able to do something I love and make money doing it. I love it!

I’d love to hear your story about how The Secret has changed your life! Read Rob's thoughts over at Leave the Office...


Rob said...

Hi Maria,
I'm so glad I found your blog I'm getting so into it. I think more than any other blog I have seen on the web, yours seems to be closest in line with my outlook. I suppose maybe we are like two guitar strings of the same pitch vibrating in synergy!

Thank you so much and keep writing great stuff. I've started studying the WBR program. I couldn't have found a better time. I'm so ready right now!

Maria Palma said...

Hi Rob,

Thank you for reading! I appreciate the comment and the kind words...Yes, it's true - we are vibrating with the same energy ;)

Best wishes on the WBR program...It's good stuff!


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