Clear the Clutter and Discover Abundance

Spring has sprung and of course, that means spring cleaning! For most of us that means getting down on our hands and knees to do some deep cleaning around the house. For others it could mean cleaning out the mental clutter of our minds. For me, well, it meant organizing my greeting card supplies today!

In my book readings on the subject of abundance, I’ve learned that in order for more to come into your life, you must clear the clutter and get rid of some of that energy that weighs you down - and that could mean mental as well as material clutter.

One of the reasons I love meditating at night is that it gives me a chance to clear my mind - leaving it open for a good night rest and wonderful (and sometimes off the wall!) dreams.

In regards to my business, I’ve noticed that my greeting card business has been pretty stagnant for the past couple months. I don’t know if is related to how unorganized my work space is - probably so. It took awhile to get things in order and I found so many things I forgot about or didn’t even know I had.

I realized....that’s how life works. When clearing out all the emotional and mind clutter, you discover the beauty that resides within. You see that all you need you already have!! That thought hit home when I wrote on my To Do list to “order clear envelopes for greeting cards”, but only minutes later found that I already had clear envelopes - they were just buried under all the mess!

Are you getting rid of the clutter today?

Speaking of, you may enjoy this article I wrote titled, How To Clear the Clutter Using Feng Shui.


Troy said...

Excellent post, Maria. Spring marks a new beginning--an opportunity to start anew with a clean slate, both mentally and physically. Daily (or nightly) meditation is a good place to start.

Belle said...

As I read this, I took a look at my desk. I don't think "clutter" quite covers it! Thanks for the little nudge that I was needing to get decluttered.

Rob said...

Wonderful words yet again Maria!

That is so true that in order for something to show up in life you need to create a clearing for it or rather be the clearing.

On the subject of discovering things when you go through past stuff. I did that just 5 minutes ago. I read a word document containing a draft post for my blog and I was amazied at what it said, especially with my experience of the last month. I'll be posting it now. Thank you again Maria. I would not be where I am now if I hadn't found "The Good Life".

Maria Palma said...

I have yet to meditate consistently day and night, but I do know that it definitely makes a difference...

I just cleared my desk last night! After I did that I noticed that my thoughts flowed easier when I wrote.

I feel like I won the lottery when I discover things that I've forgotten about!

Carolyn Manning said...

Oh, yes. The clutter. Excuse me while I try to find my keyboard.

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