Getting To Know David B. Bohl

I've been on information overload lately, so I haven't really been out in the blogosphere visiting my regular blog reads. As part of my month-long practice/intention of staying focused and discovering new bloggers, I did get to know one person pretty well today - and that's David B. Bohl.

David has a life balance coaching enterprise called Reflections Coaching that I truly admire. Not only does he offer a wealth of information on his website about achieving a more balanced and fulfilling life, he's written an ebook titled Your Life in Balance. Who doesn't want a more meaningful life, right?

I came upon this question he asks: If time and money weren’t an issue, what would you do with your life? For me, the question isn't so tricky. As I may have stated before, I'm doing what I love and loving what I do. However, I am challenged sometimes in that I feel I'm not moving fast enough to achieve some of my goals. Perhaps that may be related to a time issue? But as far as "following your bliss", well, I've been saying that to myself every day for about the past month now and my best friend has noticed that I look so much more relaxed!

So, anyways, back to David B. Bohl...I read one of his posts at his blog, Reflections on Balance. I like this advice and philosophy:

Don't fall into the trap of listening to somebody else's ideal of life balance. You've defined what balance looks likes to you and you're living it. There will be plenty of time to "sit back, relax, and reflect."

My definition of life balance is simply to be happy every single second of your life. For some people living a balanced life could mean working 12 hours a day, sleeping for five hours, and spending time with family for seven hours. As long as they're truly happy, right?

I leave you with a couple quotes I came across from David's Squidoo Lens where you can also get to know more about him...(Oh, you know how I love quotes and David has tons of them!)

As long as anyone believes that his ideal and purpose is outside him, that it is above the clouds, in the past or in the future, he will go outside himself and seek fulfillment where it cannot be found. He will look for solutions and answers at every point except where they can be found--in himself.
--Erich Frohm

The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude.
--William James

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