I Gotta Get Goals!

The latest blog meme that is roaming the blogosphere was started by Alex Shalman and is titled “Gotta Get Goals”. I’ve been challenged by Bradley Woods of Conceive, Believe, Achieve to state my goals here and so I share with you my top five aspirations in life:

1. Help people realize how talented, gifted, and beautiful they are. It’s sad to see people who are miserable with their life because they haven’t given themselves the chance to find their passion and do what they love.

2. Travel the world to help spread peace and happiness.

3. Raise a family in an estate in Rancho Santa Fe and create a legacy of wisdom, happiness, luxury, and giving.

4. Create multiple streams of income in order to pursue my personal goals, my business goals and give back to those who are less fortunate.

5. Make an impact on every person who reads my blogs.

Now it’s time for me to tag a few people:

Ultimate Goal

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Karen Lynch said...

Hi Maria,
I love reading your gotta-get goals. I wish you Godspeed in achieving every one of them. I see that you tagged me and I appreciate you thinking of me, Thank you!
I was tagged by Alex a few weeks ago so I have already participated. You can read it here
I thought this was an amazing exercise to truly get me back into focusing only upon the life that I want. I hope it did the same for you! It really helped me to read it again this morning. Thank you for the reminder!
Joy and Blessings,

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