Embracing the Changes in Our Lives

In our lives we are constantly faced with change - some of us experience more change than others - whether it’s a divorce in the family, a cross-country move or a different job - change happens on a daily basis.

In my own life I have faced many, many changes. My father was in the military, so we were constantly moving when I was young. Somehow it didn’t affect me too much. I actually liked the changes and loved meeting new people and exploring new places. As I grew up I actually looked forward to making changes and moving. It allowed me to gain different perspective on life and my circle of influence and connections have grown bigger and bigger.

However, what if you’re faced with a dramatic or traumatic change in your life? How do we cope with change then? When the walls start crumbling down (or so it seems) and our bodies buckle from the pressure…what do we do?

I recently finished reading a book titled Embracing Change: Transforming Life's Challenges With Courage and Grace by David Malin. It’s a book that helps you dig a little bit deeper into your soul and enables you to discover why you may be resisting change.

There is so much I learned from Embracing Change, including:
  • How to create a sense of balance between our inner states and the outer “chaotic” experiences of our lives.
  • How to be aware of the discrepancies between our actions and how we feel. A more common example of this is not being able to say “No” to something we don’t want to do, but do it anyways because the other person makes us feel guilty or we feel obligated somehow to do it.
  • How to be in tune with our spirit and emotions so that we may stand taller, have a greater presence in life and become emotionally stronger
  • Letting go of the need to be in control with every single aspect of our lives
Embracing Change is more than a “How to” book, it’s a journey into self-awareness…Highly recommended!

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