Good Times at The Good Life: Blogtipping Day!

Over at Business Blog Wire, Easton Ellsworth is celebrating the one year anniversary of Blogtipping, so to celebrate with him, I thought I’d do some blogtipping over here at The Good Life. It’s been awhile since I’ve visited some of my favorite blogs, so I closed my eyes and picked three blogs at random…

Let the blogtipping begin!

My Agapic Life
  • I love the subtitle to the blog: “Writing about love”. Who doesn’t want to read about love, right?!
  • Humor always saves the day and I like that Tim is able to squeeze in a few humorous anecdotes
  • I like the clean and organized layout of the blog
Tip: Offer some way for people to easily subscribe to the blog, like an RSS feed button

  • I like the pictures of the dogs! I guess I would have to be a terrier at heart because I love to take on dogs ten times my size ;)
  • I love that I can learn something new in every post…
  • Less B.S. is always good!
Tip: Perhaps a picture of you would establish more of a connection. I like to see who I’m communicating with ;)

Evolving Times
  • I am instantly inspired after reading every post ;)
  • I like the layout and how easy it is to find information
Tip: Once in a blue moon, throw in a picture or two!

Well, that concludes this edition of Good Life blogtipping! Until next month…

P.S. If you have blogtipped me, leave a comment…and if you don’t have a blog but have any suggestions or comments about this blog, let me know as well!

1 comment:

Edward Mills said...

Hi Maria

Thanks for the "tip!" I love this idea. Now I'm off to do some tipping of my own!

Create an Awesome day.
Edward Mills

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