Making Money Is An Inside Job

This article is brought to us by our friend, Saleem Rana, over at The Empowered Soul...

Do you have enough money to pay all your bills and expenses, with plenty left over?

If you're like most people, the answer, unfortunately, is no.

You're always a step behind and trying to catch up.

What is the psychological reason behind this phenomena? Or do you still think that they (whoever they are) are doing it to you? That somehow the problem lies outside yourself.

If you are willing to take responsibility for yourself, willing to accept that you are the one who is creating your experiences out of an infinite choice of experiences, than you may find the following idea insightful.

The reason you (and everyone else, too) has insufficient income is because you are resisting it. On the surface, this may sound absurd. After all, you are actively working 24/7 to make money. Yet on a subconscious level you associate pain to having more money.

Usually, this pain comes in three forms.

1. You have your parent's money script, which is based on some level of emotional pain associated with money.

2. You have to do something you dislike to earn enough. In other words, your job or income source is painful. You have to deal with unpleasant people or pursue uncomfortable experiences to make money.

3. In the past, you have been embarrassed by not having enough when you needed it. Thus, again you are associating pain with money.
A Close View of American Coin and Paper Money
In all three instances, money equals pain. It may be the pain of having too little, losing it, earning it, or spending it. Regardless of the source, what your subconscious mind registers is pain. Because it wants to keep you in control, feeling safe and approved, your subconscious mind then works on blocking the source of your pain. In this case, it keeps you from having more money. After all, it reasons, since money creates pain, the less you have of it, the better you will feel. The fact that this is simply not true is obvious to the conscious mind, but since it is only about 10% or less of your mind, it does not have that much of an impact. Instead your irrational moods, random feelings, and surges of debilitating apathy control you.

The result, unfortunately, is that you don't have enough money, and because you don't have enough to meet all your needs, you are not able to expand your life and express yourself in the way you really desire. You short yourself of the materials necessary to expand your consciousness, including getting better food and lodging, transportation, health care, exercise or education.

Since you resist money because it is the source of pain, you end up with money problems. Thus, in an attempt to avoid pain, you also avoid money. All this, of course, is happening at a level below conscious awareness. It is not a logical way of thinking, but, then again, logic is not the domain of the subconscious mind. It's chief concern is to help you survive--even if this means depriving you of money

Working on these three areas of emotional pain alone will do a tremendous amount to boost your income and give you a larger life. Of course, there may be other areas, depending on your personal history. However, you will only find out once you embark on a journey of personal self-discovery. You cannot heal emotional wounds that you are not yet aware of.

When you have no resistance, when making and spending money is joyful, then you will open the floodgates to bringing in a lot more money into your life.

When you clear your subconscious mind of the emotional pain associated with money, you give it permission to start making the law of attraction work for you to bring a lot more wealth into your life.

Abundance exists in our world. Walk around any big city and you will notice that you are surrounded by billions of dollars worth of real estate, vehicles, and other expressions of money. There is plenty of money, and if you feel that you can't get your hands on a larger section of the pie, it is because of some level of inner resistance.

At any point in time, you can learn a better trade, apply for a better job, or come up with a unique money-making service. If all of this seems too difficult, it is not because there is a shortage of opportunity, but because something is draining your joy around having more, being more, and experiencing more from your life.

Does money make you happy? Perhaps it does, perhaps it makes no difference. It all depends on who you are. However, when you feel happy, you will make more money. Why? Because you will communicate more, be more self-expressive and giving, serve others out of the sheer joy of it, and have more creative ideas and insights about the nature of social contribution.

What, then, is the inner block that keeps you from a joyful, abundant life, rich in contribution to yourself and the world? What is it that keeps you from feeling happy right now and seizing wonderfully uplifting money-making opportunities? It is pain, emotional pain residing in your subconscious mind. Pain that arose due to a negative experience in the past associated with money. Pain that can be eradicated with some inner work.

Life is all about choices. You can choose to heal your money wounds and move to a prosperous and deeply fulfilling life at any moment. Once you set that decision in motion, the way to fulfill your dreams will unravel itself.

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