My Epitaph

Steven Aitchison tagged me awhile back to write my own epitaph. It’s definitely a good exercise because it does put life back into perspective. Here’s what I came up with:

Maria Palma
Lived on this earth to help bring happiness to others and loves to give love. She wants nothing more than to have peace on earth and for people to realize that true happiness is found within. Maria seeks to enjoy every moment of life. She has a creative spirit and a passion for knowledge.

It’s not a mistake that I wrote this epitaph in the present tense. I don’t believe that people “die”. Their body may die, but their spirit lives on forever..and it travels to other realms…other dimensions of life. I believe that "Heaven" and "Hell" are states of mind and that we can certainly live be either place while we live here on earth.

Writing this epitaph put me in a very emotional state. I've noticed lately that I've veered off a little from my main focus in life - and that's to just enjoy the journey and follow my passions. All my issues have drifted off as I come to realize what's most important....

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1 comment:

Steven Aitchison said...

Hi Maria

I sincerely hope you fulfil all your dreams. You're another shining star in bright sky.

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