One of the Secrets to Creating Abundance

Many of you have probably watched The Secret and have been applying some of the principles you learned in this movie into your own life. And if you’re like me, you’ve probably latched onto other self-help/self-improvement programs because you feel as if there’s something missing. You’re doing the visualizing and you’re feeling good - but nothing is happening…

You’re still broke - if not more broke than you were before watching The Secret. You’ve disregarded all the hoopla and simply believe that it doesn’t work. You can’t think your way to becoming rich. It’s all hogwash.

If this sounds like you, perhaps what I’m about to tell you will give you a glimmer of hope…

One morning I awoke from a dream. I can’t remember the dream itself, but I do remember as I woke up the word “Allow” that echoed through my mind. Hmmm…what could that mean? I thought to myself.

It wasn’t until I read Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks did I realize that I wasn’t allowing the good to come into my life. I would wake up in the morning, do my visualizing and meditating, but whatever my intentions were wouldn’t show up because I would keep dwelling on those intentions throughout the day. What I didn’t realize was that by dwelling on those wants/wishes/intentions, I was actually sending a signal out to The Universe that I still lived in a state of lack - in essence, I wasn’t happy with where I was at the moment.

After you meditate and visualize in the morning, let those thoughts go and go on with your day like you normally would - just enjoying each and every moment and acting as if everything you have has already manifested in the physical dimension. In other words, fake it until you make it. We all played pretend when we were young, right? It’s the same exact thing.

This all sound so much easier said than done, I know. In fact, I sometimes forget about this concept of “allowing” myself. I’ll give you a great example…One day I think I wrote for about eleven hours. I wrote so long that my shoulders started hurting and my eyes were bloodshot from staring at the computer screen all day. I wanted so much to make more money with my writing! I had noticed that some of my articles hadn’t been picked up from publishers and some of the ad revenue for my blogs had slowed down. I felt like I should be writing more. Instead, what I was creating were these road blocks because I was acting out of fear of not having enough money.

A couple weeks ago I was tallying up my income for the past few months and did you know that I made more money during the months that I took vacations?

One of the secrets to creating abundance is to simply relax and allow wealth to come to you! Wherever you are right now, just RELAX and be happy. Stop chasing wealth. Let the Goodness flow to you. ALLOW abundance and wealth come to you easily and effortlessly.

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Abundance Journal said...

Great post, Maria! I've tagged you for the High Vibe Game :)


Travelling Money said...

Wow Maria,

I just read this post again and it still had something to teach me second time round.

Thanks. it's a great post!

Tock Tong said...

Hi Maria! Thank you so much for sharing and your post reminded me to relax more and let go. Let the universe do her part to fill what I had asked for. Yes....I have recently started reading Ask And It Is Given.

Tock Tong

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