Review: "Motivator" Software

How do you stay motivated?

Until now I’ve used little post-it notes and posted them on my computer where I can see them as I work. I tend to lose my focus sometimes so I’ve posted “Stay Focused” and every time my mind wanders I see this reminder.

Well, last night I downloaded this free motivator software called "Motivator". What it does is display these pop up messages on your computer screen. You can choose the motivating messages that you want to appear at whatever time interval you want.

I love it because I am reminded of my goals every ten minutes. I’m also reminded to sit up straight or take five deep breaths ;) You can also add your own prosperity affirmations if you prefer...

This is something I highly recommend..and best of all, it's free! A true gift from The Universe ;)


Dayngr said...

That sounds like a great tool! Thanks for sharing it.

managementprof said...

You might also want to try 43 things, a website that lets you make blog entries on your progress regarding up to 43 different goals, and get positive comments and support from other community members.

Thanks for your comment on my blog about the metaphor of the rubber and the glass ball!

Amaury Junior said...

Motivator site is off now and I really want this classic Motivator software!
PLEASE send me a download link!

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