Blogging, Customer Service and My Purpose

"Blogging has become the medium by which I fulfill my purpose in life..."

Dio over at Fine Art of Blogging recently asked me if I would contribute to a project that he's doing about blogging. Many people are sharing their thoughts and experiences about blogging and why they blog and I have shared my blogging journey with his readers...

If you're a blogger, I'd like to know why you blog. Leave a comment below! If blogging is something that has piqued your interest and you want to learn more, I recommend checking out some of the blogging resources I provide over at the Online Business Resources blog. (Left hand column)

And speaking of purpose in life, I had an Ah-Ha! moment regarding my customer service blog today. I haven't been blogging over there as much as I used to - simply because I've been so busy with writing. I'm currently working on a book for people who want to start an online business. Plus other writing projects with clients have taken up time as well. Hey, no complaints from me! I'm thankful for all the Good that's coming in.

Anyhow, back to my customer service blog...I've been thinking about closing that chapter in my life, but I realize that there is so much work to do in terms of helping people become better at interacting and communicating with other people. Customer service is all about relationships and helping people, but as you may have noticed, customer service seems to be declining. Many people are unhappy in their jobs and many people are too focused on the $$. Not saying that focusing on money is a bad thing (because essentially that's how you attract money!). However, many people in business sacrifice people in their pursuit of money.

I've taken a completely different perspective about what my purpose is in blogging about customer service. Everything we do in life really and truly is about helping people. Now I know that I must help people discover their own purpose in life and to be truly happy and passionate about what they do.

By the way, I currently host the Carnivale of Customer Service twice month. However, this coming Monday Carolyn Manning of ProductivityGoal has so graciously volunteered to host it at her blog. If you would like to help others become better Helpers in life, send over your link to Carolyn right now or you can email it to me at maria [at] salondemaria [dot] info and I'll make sure she gets it!

Blogging to the Bank

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