Going From a Mindset of Lack to a Mindset of Abundance

I was talking to a friend yesterday who was telling me about how she has started a new business. This business is called ACN and she just came back from Detroit, Michigan where she met many more people associated with this business opportunity. Naturally, she asked me if I was interested in joining up, which I am, but need to do further research on the company. (By the way…I will be doing a review of ACN over at Online Business Resources tomorrow - stay tuned…)

So anyways, my friend is telling me about how someone else she knows who started ACN with her. This other person has already signed up people below her and yet, my friend is still “struggling” to get people to sign up under her.

How can my friend change her mindset and perspective about this situation? How does one go from a mindset of lack to a mindset of abundance? This is the advice I gave her:

1. Change your vocabulary. Take the word “struggle” out of your vocabulary. Never use it again! Struggle means you’re forcing something to work or that you’re trying too hard. By the way, “try” is another word to take out of the vocabulary. When you “struggle” or “try” you’re actually blocking off the good energy that should be coming to you. Think of Yoda when he said, “Do, or do not. There is not ‘try.’” When you want to do something, you make a conscious decision to just do it. After that, just enjoy the journey! Let "The Force be with you"!

2. Stop worrying about what other people are doing and focus on what you’re doing. I gave my friend the perfect example of her very artistic daughter Emma who loves her art supplies. However, when it comes to Emma sharing her crayons or markers with her sisters, Emma tends to pay more attention to what her sisters are doing with her supplies instead of focusing and having fun doing her own art.

I also learned this with my own jewelry business. When I used to sell at the swap meet in San Diego, I was always more concerned with the other jewelry vendors and how many people were in front of their booths instead of focusing on the customers who were right in front of me probably ready to make a purchase!

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Barb said...

It's very cool to meet another jewelry maker who's writing about the Law of Attraction!! We should start a ring, lol.

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