This Week in Good Life History and Summer Readings

Once in awhile I like to look back and see what I was thinking and writing about. The Good Life is on its second year and I've grown and learned soo much these past two years. So, please join me as we take a look back...
  • Food For Success - this article I actually didn't write, but it's definitely a reminder that little steps add up to a lot in the end!
  • You Can Achieve Anything - again, I didn't write this article, but looking back I see that I was definitely attracting some good information back then ;)
  • Seven Keys to a Happy Life - Another spectacular and motivating article...that I didn't write.
Oh, well, I guess I didn't do much writing two years ago, but I can see now that I was starting to open myself up to goodness and abundance! Prior to this I didn't do much reading about success or abundance. However, I am a total bookworm - but before I started attracting these types of articles and books into my life, I was reading quite a bit of fiction versus self-help books.

And speaking of's summertime and I have a list of books to read! Here's my list:
What are you reading this summer? Any books to recommend?


Sue Nyoni said...


Let me start by saying that I love The Good Life. I came across it a few weeks ago and have enjoyed reading your posts. I really relate to the things you talk about and we seem to have a lot in common...we're even the same age. :)

Like you, I've been a complete book addict all of my life but its only in the last several years that I began reading personal development & spiritually books! Needless to say it has opened up all kinds of amazing possibilities for my life! I actually have piles of books all over my house waiting to be read. I can't seem to read quickly enough!

Here are a few that I'm reading right now.

Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment

Ready for Anything: 52 Productivity Principles for Work and Life

The Joy of Living: Unlocking the Secret and Science of Happiness

Joy: The Happiness That Comes from Within (Osho, Insights for a New Way of Living.)

The Good Life said...

Hi Sue!

Thank you so much for leaving those kind words...It looks like we do have quite a bit in common! Kindred spirits we are ;)


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