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I was going through my ebook library tonight and rediscovered an ebook that was written by Christopher Westra. It's titled "I Create Millions: How You Can Manifest Your Millions with 87 Specific Money Mastery Methods" (free download version). Some of the methods that I've used include:

#6 - The Money Downpour Visualization
#10 - Create Money Opportunities, Not Money Emergencies
#14 - Improve Your Money Talk
#15 - Be Happy First, Right Now!
#63 - Thing Big, Dream Bigger

I Create Millions by Christopher WestraAnd speaking of manifesting money...this month I've been using the affirmation "Money flows to me easily and effortlessly" and yesterday when I returned from vacation, I received a letter saying that I have a check from an old 401K account waiting to be claimed. When I worked at Nordstrom I had this 401K/Profit sharing account. When I left the company, I thought I had cashed out all the money, but for whatever reason there was still money for me!

What methods are you using to manifest money into your life?

Download Christopher Westra's ebook, I Create Millions...

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