A Journey From Negativity to Positivity

At one point in my life I was physically and mentally abused by someone I thought had loved me. I was in my early 20’s and clearly remember sitting in the corner of my kitchen crawled up in the fetus position crying for my mom. (By the way, my mother passed away when I was 14) For one brief moment I thought about suicide… I don’t remember anything that happened after that moment, but it took many years to get out of that relationship and it took even longer for me to become the positive person that I am today.

Something must have clicked for me that day I was sobbing on the floor of the kitchen. A spark of positive energy - a glimpse of a brighter future - something told me that this too, shall pass.

Like I said, it took many years to gain this very positive outlook on life that I have now. I now see no other way than to think positive! But believe me, it was quite a journey going from being a person who abused alcohol and drugs, was cynical, and just plain unhappy to being the person that I am today.

I reclaimed my power during my senior year in college when I started keeping a scrapbook of beautiful images that inspired me and wrote down my feelings through poetry. I came to discover the beauty in everything and realized that for every setback, obstacle, or tragedy that happens in our lives, something positive comes from it. I know, it may be hard to actually think something positive will come from a negative situation, but trust me, there’s always a lesson to be learned.
This post is part of the Positive Thinking Day Group Writing Project hosted by Dr. Kirsten Harrell of the Think Positive! Blog. Here are the people I’m tagging to join in on this project: Raymond Salas (ZenChill Power Tools), Rob (Leave the Office), Kim & Jason (Escape Adulthood), Steven Aitchison (Change Your Thoughts), and Bradley Woods (Conceive, Believe, Achieve)

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Bradley said...

Thanks for sharing this experience. Many people can learn from your situations. There is always a way out and towards something better. I appreciate your courage.

My best thoughts,


Kirsten Harrell, Psy.D. said...

Wow Maria! Thanks for your contribution to this project! You certainly have overcome a lot. Thanks for your courage to share such a personal journey. I know it inspired me... and I am sure it will inspire others as well!

Joy said...

Thanks Maria,
This is wonderful, think positive to create the result we want to see in our life. Continue your inspiration.
With gratitude,

Maria Palma said...

Bradley, Kirsten, and Joy...

Thank you so much for your kind comments. I appreciate your encouragement! It's so nice to have a great group of people to share with...

Alex Shalman said...

Hi Maria,

This is a very inspirational contribution to Positive Thinking Day. I'm glad that thinks are looking up for you ;)

Jason of "Kim & Jason" said...

Maria, I finally got some thoughts together on this: The Best Day Ever Thanks for the tag!

Patricia Singleton said...

Maria, thanks for sharing this in the Carnival of Positive Thinking. That is how I found you. We learn many lessons from the challenges that make up our life. Thanks for the inspiration. I am an incest survivor and have just started a series of articles to share with other survivors offering the lessons that I have learned from those experiences.

Hlomohang Majara said...

I really liked this. I too have been in an unhappy relationship for many many years. I ultimately got the courage to get out though it was very painful to admit that things would never work out no matter what. At first, i was really shaken and afraid to face the world. Almost a year later i aM completely new person; improved self esteem and confidence, much stronger emotionally and doing things that make make me happy instead of pleasing other people at my expense. Indeed in every bad situation there is an important lesson to learn.

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