Steve Pavlina's Idea of an Abundance Mindset

I had a discussion with a friend about my dream car, the Audi A8, and I was talking about how much it would cost - just a little bit over $100K. My friend says to me, "That's a little too much to be spending on a car, don't you think?" For a brief second I had second thoughts about my dream car. Would I really be spending too much? I could buy three other cars for the amount I would spend on that A8...

Then I had to stop myself. What am I thinking? That's my dream car! By the time I actually go out and buy it, I'll have so much money that spending $100K won't even be such a big deal.

Needless to say I erased that conversation out of my head - of course, until now - just so I could illustrate a point. And the point is...Do not fall back into scarcity thinking!

Steve Pavlina explains this in detail in a recent post titled The Abundance Mindset. This is a great read for those of you who think rich people "waste" money on unnecessary things. I admit that I was one of those women who used to think that spending $20,000 on a Hermes handbag was absolutely ridiculous, but the more time I spent blogging over at TheRunwayScoop, I gained a different perspective on the mindset that affluent women have.

Look at it this way, I truly believe that God (The Universe, Allah, Buddah, or whatever name you want to call the Infinite Source) wants us to have the absolute best that money can buy. There is an Infinite supply of everything and spending $100K on a car isn't robbing someone else of money. In fact, it's spreading money around to all those people who built the car and the people who sell the car. We're also paying people who came out with a great design (because yes, that Audi A8 has a great design!)


Rob said...

Hi Maria,

Like your car! It really suits you!

My dream car is the Astom Martin V8 Vantage. The "baby" Aston as it is nicknamed here in the UK. Since I started visualizing this car I have been seeing them driving around more often than I "should" see a car like this. My subconscious filter is definitely out searching for "my" Aston I believe.

There is also a dealership near to my home and I am going to request a test drive and take my video camera. I think the sales rep might think I'm a bit crazy if I ask him to video me in the car, but hey. I don't care.....I'll be James Bond for the day! That reminds me of my other big big dream.... To write and produce a James Bond soundtrack. I've pretty much got all the music written already. It will happen!

All the best.

Bradley said...

I want in on talking about Dream cars. Mine would either be a Rolls-Royce Phantom or a Maserati. I'm not picky though I will get either, one or both :-)

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