Don't Forget Your Protective Shield!

As a person with the powerful forces of The Universe, did you know that you have a protective shield like superheroes do? All you have to do to summon your shield is to think it's there and it will appear around you instantly like an invisible field of protection. You can manifest this shield when you know that you're going to come into contact with someone who has a great deal of negative energy within them.

Unfortunately, I forgot my shield the other day when I talked to one of my friends on the phone. She's been my friend for years and I love her dearly, it's just that it's taking quite a bit of time for her to accept this notion that thoughts and words have a powerful effect on your destiny. She's watched The Secret, but hasn't quite fully understood it yet - although she says she has.

So, when I talked to her the other day, about 95% of the news she shared with me was bad. After I got off the phone with her and the day progressed, I started to feel irritated and down-n-out. I was trying to figure out where all these feelings were coming from. Finally I realized that I had let my friend's negative energy penetrate my soul. Wonder Woman-In-Training forgot to put on her gold bracelets.

It's so freeing to know that at any time you could turn a bad day into a good one just by one single thought! I pinpointed where the bad energy was coming from and wiped it out instantly by acknowledging it and sending it away. However, I could have avoided it altogether simply by putting up my protective shield. Well, Wonder Woman-In-Training has learned her lesson.

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Rob said...

Yeah that's very true Maria. I was in that position too for many years with a good friend who was very negative.

Interestingly, as soon as I had a clearer vision of what I wanted for my life and what would serve me, that friend turned on me and pretty much walked out of my life!

It was a shame for a friendship to go that way. He is actually a really great guy, but it made me realize where much of the negative energy in my life had been coming from and I have been attracting much more positive things into my life since.

Maria said...

Hi Rob!

Only time will tell if all my coaching will help my friend. As much as I'd like to push her along on her journey, I know that she has created her own path and it may take more time.

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