Enjoy the Good Ole Days Now

Mission Beach San Diego 2007One thing that I’ve been very good at as an adult is staying in tune with my inner child - the child that loves to do things just because it’s fun. I think if we can just let go for about an hour each day to do things we love (that we don’t get paid for) we’d be a much happier society!

Lately I’ve been so bogged down with work - work that I love to do - but work, nonetheless. If you were on the outside looking in, you would think I was a workaholic! If I’m not writing, I’m working on my websites. If I’m not working on my websites or blogging, I’m reading books or browsing the internet to help me with my business.
And maybe…just maybe…I’ll eat in between!
As I sit here typing this, my mind and spirit is drifting to the beach. I’ve only been to the beach one time this summer and it’s only a 20 minute drive away! I remember in my early 20’s going to the beach every weekend, roller blading or going for a ride on those beach cruiser bicycles
Ah, the good ole days!
But yet, we can still bring back those good ole days every day! Even if it’s just coloring in a book, swinging in the park, or simply eating a bowl of Lucky Charms!
Today I think I may watch some cartoons….What about you?

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