Happiness Is the Way

If you're a Wayne Dyer fan like me, you've probably seen his latest PBS special, Change Your Thoughts. I believe it was through PBS that I discovered Dr. Dyer when I watched his talk about The Power of Intention. I believe that was the book that inspired me to really stay true to myself and follow my dreams.

When I went to see Wayne Dyer talk here in San Diego last September, he said something that really hit a chord with me:
"There is no way to happiness...Happiness is the way..."
Many of us go on this search for happiness and don't even realize that it's up to us to choose happiness right now. We look to outside forces or circumstances that will make us happy. We say things like, "Well, I'll be happy when I have that _____" or "When I find love I'll be happy". However, why can't you be happy now? Why must we depend on things or other people to make us happy because in essence, those people and those things are really not going to make us happy. Happiness is doing what YOU love and just staying in tune with Spirit. That's what Wayne Dyer has taught me.

If you ever get a chance to see Wayne Dyer live, I highly recommend doing so!
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