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Free Money Finance has a good post titled, Does Giving Help Make You Wealthy or Are You Wealthy In Spite of Giving?

I think it goes either way. Certainly the more you give, the more you get back. I've seen proof of this time and time again when I donate to charity or give money to homeless people on the street. However, giving is not limited to money. You can give someone a smile or simply give kind words of wisdom.

For some people, this may be a hard concept to grasp. If you give money away that means less money in your pocket, right? However, money is like a boomerang - it always, always comes back!

Giving money away was one of my challenges when I first started on this journey to abundance. I started off small and eventually worked my way up to giving away hundreds of dollars without blinking an eye. It takes time, so if you don't feel comfortable doing this, just start off small.

Here is some advice from Steve Pavlina on the subject of tithing:

"...There is a place where giving is painless and receiving is selfless. Find that place in your own life, and move towards it. As you do this, your scarcity thinking will dissolve, and a mindset of abundance will flow through your reality."
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FMF said...

Good stuff, Maria!!! ;-)

Mr. Biggs said...

true...i made a post about the power of giving and how the money has come back to me 100 folds....Power of giving money, time and knowledge is underestimated. Good post!

Maria Palma said...

FMF and Mr. Biggs,

There is definitely power in giving! You guys have given me more inspiration to keep going ;)Thanks!

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