Double Your Way to a Million Update

For those of you who have been following this blog for awhile, you may recall that I had started this experiment: Double Your Way to a Million. It's been awhile since I've counted out how much I've accumulated, so I thought I'd post an update...

Drumroll please...


Certainly not a substantial amount considering I did start this a little over a year ago. However, I haven't been very active in my doubling like some of my fellow doublers are.

All of the money in my savings has been either found on the ground or my boyfriend gave to me. I think he gave me about $3-$4 of it.

Think about all those coins you pass by on the street and never bother to stop and pick up! For me, it never fails - whenever I think about the idea of finding money on the street, within a day or two I'll start finding coins on the ground. I just have to be more consistent and think about it more often.

I've thought about answering those Craigslist ads for free stuff and then turning around to resell them so I could add it to the pot. I may also open up a bank account and then use some of the money to invest in penny stocks. Fellow Doubler, Xinfinitum, recently started doing this and it sounds like fun ;)

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