Dance Your Way to a Better Life

Ellen Degeneres and Barack Obama dancingMost days I like to take a break from my busy workday to turn on the TV and catch Ellen Degeneres' monologue at the beginning of her show. If you're familiar with the Ellen show, you know that right after the monologue a dance song comes on and she makes her way through the audience as everyone gets their groove on.

I always love to get up and shake my groove thang while watching Ellen because it always raises my energy a few notches. And when you have positive energy flowing through you, this in turn helps attract those things you've been wanting to attract into your life. Not to mention you also get that exercise you need to be healthier and more productive!

I came across this website that offers instructional dance videos for those of you like me who want to explore different styles of dance. Ever since watching those shows, So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With the Stars, I've wanted to learn ballroom dance, rumba, and hip hop.

Did you shake your booty today?

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