The Only Rule to Live By

The Golden Rule QuoteI consider myself to be a rebel of sorts. When I worked at Nordstrom, we weren't allowed to have food in the stockroom (I worked in the kids' shoes department), but I made a little hideout for my drinks and snacks. My coworkers called it "the buffet" on the shoe self. Then there's my sense of fashion style. I'm not a follower of fashion trends although I do write about them on a daily basis. I've developed my own style and don't buy something just because a fashion glossy told me that it's a "must-have" for the season.

Rules. Rules. Rules. There seems to be alot of them out there and to a certain extent I do believe we should have rules. However, when it comes to living a good life, I don't think there should be any.

Many people have bought into this idea that to live a good life, you have to have a fancy home, drive this certain car, and attend this certain school. For some reason, it's become a rule that you have to do x, y, and z in life order to be "accepted" by society. Each of us has our own path in life. There are some who will have a short path to success and wealth. Then there are others whose path will take them on an up and down roller coaster ride. The people who live by their own rules and not somebody else's are the ones who will enjoy that success and wealth to the fullest.

No matter who you are, though, I believe that there is one rule you should live by....and that's The Golden Rule. The Golden Rule says that you should treat others like you want to be treated. Do you want to be admired for what you contribute to the world? Admire those who make valuable contributions to the world. Do you want to be wealthy and successful? Admire those who are wealthy and successful. Do you want people to support your business? Well, then, support other people's businesses!

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Kirsten Harrell, Psy.D. said...

Hi Maria,
I'm a rebel too! ;) I agree totally, though, that we need to follow the golden rule! That's one I happily stick to.

I'm sending you some postive energy today. :)

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