Productivity Tips For the Work-at-Home Business

plantSteve Pavlina has an excellent article that I want to share titled Creating a Productive Workspace. The day before I read this article I had placed a new plant on the table right next to my desk. I also cleared all the paperwork off the table and replaced them with pictures of nature.

Then after reading Steve's post, I decided to take some of his advice, so I lit a scented candle (baked cookies scent..mmm!) and played jazz music in the background.

Since doing that I have noticed that I've been less stressed and more productive as I work throughout the day!

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Deb Call said...


I can add my endorsement of your suggestions of creating mood in the office. I use my home office for both my real esate investing business, and for writing/blogging. When it's time for the creative side to come out, I clear my desk of real estate stuff, light my scented candle and put on my instrumental music. I find it puts me in different frame of mind and I find I enjoy writing that much more.

Maria Palma said...

Hi Deb,

Thanks for sharing your testimonial! I used to work for someone who had such a cluttered desk and it bothered me so much. It's a wonder how he got any work done...

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