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Does your happiness depend on how much money you have?

Last night I watched Friends With Money, a story about a group of friends - all of them pretty well off, well, except for one of them (played by Jennifer Aniston). The key takeaway in this movie is that no matter how much money we have, we will always face what I like to call "challenges" in life.

It's funny because in many ways I can relate to Aniston's character in this movie. I'm pretty much the only one out of 99% of my friends who isn't married, doesn't have kids, or has one of those high profile careers. What I have is a man who loves me dearly and shares the same passion that I have for life. If you paid me a million dollars to trade my life for the life that my friends lead, I would have to tell you to keep that million - if that tells you anything. Unless of course, I could still keep my boyfriend ;)

The thing is, money doesn't mean anything unless you have love: love for life, love for yourself, and a love for someone who loves you back just as much...Now that is true wealth ;)

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Rob said...

Hi Maria.
I totally agree with this. The word love has become so distorted these days that it is almost as "silly" talking about love as it is about God, another word with preconceptions and misconceptions.

Love is what we are here for, seeing as it is what we all are. If you are able to experience your love (by loving and having it come back to you) then you are truly living and heading in the right direction.

I don't mean love as in lovely, huggy, soft, warm feelings either I mean the true essence of our being and existence. What we are here for.
Thank you for this post.

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