Abundance Is Your Natural State

What exactly does it take to attract abundance, wealth, and prosperity?

Well, I just came across this post, "24 Principles for Creating Wealth and Prosperity", over at the Organized Brain Clutter blog. These principles are actually taken from one of my favorite books, The One Minute Millionaire, which I read several years ago. This was actually the book that inspired me to start my own online business. This book made me realize that I am already a millionaire!

One of the principles mentioned is:
Abundance is your natural state. Opportunities and blessings flow to individuals who embrace an abundant attitude.
Remember that the next time you start to feel apprehensive about your financial situation. Abundance is your natural state. Abundance is a mindset.

So, how do you go about changing your mindset? I recommend reading this past article, Going From a Mindset of Lack to a Mindset of Abundance

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