Money Quote

Here's a great quote I came across recently...

"Security is not having money; it's knowing you can do without it" -- Unknown

If you woke up and had zero dollars in your bank account today, how would you feel? Would you go into a state of panic? Feel despair? Sad? Or would you feel the same as you did when you had all the money you needed?

Just some food for thought....

Give a loved one the gift of vision this Christmas! A vision board makes the perfect gift!


Rob said...

Very good point Maria.
If I'm honest I would be somewhere between panic and despair!

That's not the reaction I would like to have, but I know that is the one I would have.

That gives me some motivation to really look into what is important to my feeling of inner peace and happiness, so thank you for the inspiration.

Hope you're well and all the best.

Maria Palma said...

Hi Rob,

Thanks for dropping by and being honest!!

I visited your blog today and I'm glad to see that things are going well for you and that you're finding your own way on this journey we call life ;) You'll get back to Thailand, no worries...

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